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The goal of using RPC is to make communication between the client and server seem like a regular procedural call.

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How are distributed consensus algorithms such as Raft implemented in the real world despite the FLP Theorem?

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Do you really understand how replication works?

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Why should you care about replication?

Why should you read this article?

Lessons learned from the distributed file system that many Google applications like BigTable, MapReduce are built on top of.

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What is GFS?

Why you should read the Google File System paper?

  1. Incorporates many of the recurring themes in Distributed Systems: parallel performance, fault tolerance, replication, and consistency.
  2. GFS represents a successful real-world design. Many Google applications…

Lessons learned from the distributed large-scale computation pipeline that Google built.

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What is MapReduce?

What were the problems MapReduce was trying to solve?

Key considerations and strategies to build a highly available cache solution for business use cases

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The Problem

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What is Memcached

Understanding Swift’s protocols and how to apply them to improve code performance and modular flexibility

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  • how to apply protocols to achieve greater code performance, flexibility, and maintainability
  • highlight new features POP brings i.e.

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